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Provider’s Choice Underpads with Tape | On Sale Now

June 13, 2012

DiaperFetch is pleased to offer Provider’s Choice Underpads with Tape for the sale price of $46.00 per case!! The Providers Choice Daytime Plus™ Underpads are made of the highest quality materials and are the most absorbent on the market today. The cases come in 10 packs of 10 and are 30″x36″. Underpads also known as Chux are rectangular absorbent […]

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Operation: Skinny Jeans

November 8, 2011
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DiaperFetch is committed to serving our client’s incontinence needs even if it requires us to get a little creative at times. We recently had a young female client that was desperate to wear skinny jeans, but she suffers from a rare condition called Vesicoureteral Reflux(VUR) which requires that she wear a diaper. Despite her inability […]

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Incontinence Pad, Diaper, Pull-up Leakage Problems? DiaperFetch can help!

April 13, 2011

Our customers often complain that they are experiencing leakage problems with incontinence products. In our experience, this common problem can be fixed or at the very least minimized in four different ways. 1) Think about moving from a Pullup or lighter incontinence product such as a Diaper Liner to a more absorbent Diaper. It is […]

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