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Incontinence Pad, Diaper, Pull-up Leakage Problems? DiaperFetch can help!

by kristiewe on April 13, 2011

Our customers often complain that they are experiencing leakage problems with incontinence products. In our experience, this common problem can be fixed or at the very least minimized in four different ways.

1) Think about moving from a Pullup or lighter incontinence product such as a Diaper Liner to a more absorbent Diaper.

It is very common with the advent of Protective Underwear or Pullups that some people are using the wrong product for the level of incontinence that they are experiencing. While the ease of “underwear- type” incontinence products and the more discreet incontinence liners and pads such as Serenity is a huge selling point, if your level of incontinence is more heavy, switching to a more absorbent diaper is the way to go.

2) Adjust the size of Diaper or Pullup up or down.

Everyone is built differently.  Sometimes hip sizes and leg widths will make the difference between fitting in one size over another.  If you are experiencing leakage, consider moving up or down a size and see if the situation improves.

3) Utilizing Diaper Liners and Pads inside your current incontinence product.

Incontinence inserts, liners and pads don’t have to be worn alone. They can be placed in a diaper or pullup for additional absorbancy, especially at night. A product such as the “At Ease Extra Absorbency Liner” is the size of an medium adult diaper and can double the absorbency of any diaper.

4)Consider using Underpads and Waterproof Sheeting.

Products that protect bedding and wick away moisture are key in combatting incontinence leakage problems.

In closing, there are many things that you can do to combat incontinence leakage problems. DiaperFetch is happy to assist you in choosing the correct incontinence product for you. Feel free to contact the office at 1.800.971.1034 or visit or website at Our products have to exceed the Medi-Cal specifications for absorbency so you can be confident that you are receiving more absorbent products that you can buy in the store.

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