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Operation: Skinny Jeans

by kristiewe on November 8, 2011

DiaperFetch is committed to serving our client’s incontinence needs even if it requires us to get a little creative at times. We recently had a young female client that was desperate to wear skinny jeans, but she suffers from a rare condition called Vesicoureteral Reflux(VUR) which requires that she wear a diaper. Despite her inability to speak, she has great self esteem and a keen sense of fashion. She was getting some teasing at school, and the DiaperFetch team was determined to solve her problem. We suggested that a male guard with its different anatomical design may provide the discreet look that she was seeking while at the same time giving her the protection that was required due to her condition. Thankfully, the product worked for her, and she is rocking those skinny jeans all over town.


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