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DiaperFetch introduces the WetStop3 Bed Wetting Alarm | On Sale Now!!!

by kristiewe on June 13, 2012



Wet Stop3 in stock now!  DiaperFetch is excited to carry the newest version of PottyMD’s bedwetting alarm. Bedwetting alarms emit a noise when moisture is detected. They will wake your child up, allowing him or her to go to the bathroom. Studies indicate a 60-80% long-term cure rate when bedwetting alarms are used correctly. Buy this helpful potty training and enuresis tool today!!!



  • Requires 2 AAA batteries
  • New magnetic attachment eliminates sewing
  • Instant clip-on detachable urine sensor
  • One-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects
  • 5 variable alarm sounds
  • Alarms and/or vibrates
  • Flashing LED Button

Wet-Stop 3 Guarantee! If the alarm or sensor fails within a year of purchase due to a manufacturer’s defect, it may be returned to PottyMD for a replacement.


Item#PWS3B Blue

Item#PWS3G Green

Item#PWS3P Pink

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