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Skin Care Hygiene & Disposable Gloves

Skin Care Hygiene, keeping the skin clean and moisturized, and the use of Disposable Gloves is an important part of infection control. The perineal area should be kept clean and moisturized to protect against bacteria and skin breakdown.

Ca-Rezz® Gentle Wash

Ca-Rezz® Original Wash has been formulated with an antimicrobial agent to provide the extra level of protection for today’s increased health risks. Stop Odors. Reduces risk of cross contamination. This advanced skin sanitizer is effective against many of today’s complex pathogens. Leaves the skin feeling, healthy, soft and fresh. It can be added to the regular laundry to eliminate residual odors. Ensures the maximum level of protection against skin breakdown and infection.Enriched with Aloe to help stimulate the healing of damaged skin.

Sold by the bottle. Item#P10308

Ca-Rezz® Cream

Ca-Rezz® Cream is a non-greasy antimicrobial cream specially formulated to protect and soothe skin irritated by diaper rash, psoriasis, minor burns, chafing and itching; ideal for use by anyone with extremely dry skin. Also apply to pressure sensitive areas. Tough antimicrobial barrier against today’s complex pathogens. Scientifically formulated with triclosan and nonoyxnonl-9. Ensures the maximum level of protection against skin breakdown. Leaves the skin feeling, healthy, soft and fresh.

Sold by the 9.7 oz jar, Item#P10208 and the 9.7 oz tube, Item#P10209.

Shamrock Disposable Gloves

Disposable Gloves aid in diaper changes by keeping the changing area sanitary and free of infection causing bacteria. We carry disposable gloves in latex, vinyl, powdered and powder-free options in all sizes.

Latex Small Pre-Powdered Item#P11111
Latex Small Powder Free Item#P10111
Vinyl Small Pre-Powdered Item#21211
Vinyl Small Powder Free Item#P20211
Latex Medium Pre-Powdered Item#P11112
Latex Medium Powder Free Item#P10112
Vinyl Medium Pre-Powdered Item#21212
Vinyl Medium Powder Free Item#P20212
Latex Large Pre-Powdered#P11113
Latex Large Powder Free Item#P10113
Vinyl Large Pre-Powdered Item#P21213
Vinyl Large Powder Free Item#P20213
Latex XL Pre-Powdered Item#P11114
Latex XL Powder free Item#P10114
Vinyl XL Pre-Powdered Item#P21214
Vinyl XL Powder free Item#P20214