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Pet Care

Potty pads, also known as underpads or chux, make potty training your small to medium dog a breeze, or they are a great alternative to taking your pet outside to the bathroom. Buy from us and avoid the pet store markup!!!

Provider’s Choice Active Underpads With Tape

The Providers Choice Daytime Plus™ Underpads are made of the highest quality materials and are the most absorbent on the market today. These pads will not leak or tear when you pick them up. Dryness enhanced top sheet combined with our poly filled diamond embossing improves overall wicking of fluids throughout the pad for improved absorbency. Wicking fluid away from the point of entry moves fluid over a larger area, creating a drier surface promoting healthy skin. Polypropylene backing offers maximum back-up protection for beds and chairs, while our aggressive adhesive strips on the bottom of the pads will keep them in place.


  • A unique under pad built with modern technology
  • Tight diamond embossed pockets of absorbent polymer with cellulose fiber makes this underpad one of the thinnest but most absorbent underpads on the market
  • Tight diamond embossing aids to wick fluids away from the point of entry and spread it over a larger area, creating a drier surface and promoting healthy skin
  • Extra strong non-slip blue colored backsheet offers maximum leak protection
  • 2 Adhesive peel strips keep pads firmly in place
  • Latex free!

Available size:
30” x 36”
Sold by the case of 100, Item #P3036

Kendall Tendersorb Underpads-Chair Size

For protection against light to moderate incontinence, the Kendall Tendersorb underpad features a soft top sheet for user comfort and a waterproof polypropylene back sheet. These chux underpads are ideal for protection from bed wetting and excellent leakage protection for a chair or wheel chair.

Available size:
Sold only by the case of 300, Item#P7105