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On Sale Now | Wet Stop 2

Bedwetting alarms emit a noise when moisture is detected. They will wake your child up, allowing him or her to go to the bathroom. Studies indicate a 60-80% long-term cure rate when bedwetting alarms are used correctly.


The Wet-Stop has proven to be a safe and effective way to help stop bedwetting. The alarm attaches to the shoulder area of pajamas or tee shirt and contains the battery operated buzzer. The moisture sensor attaches to the child’s ordinary underwear or can be inserted into a disposable pant. A cloth pouch is sewn onto the child’s underwear that holds the sensor. (Four pouches come with the alarm.) This solves the common problem that other alarms have of coming unhooked. In addition, no metal snaps come into contact with your child’s skin. These soft cotton sensor pouches assure your child’s comfort and the devices fast response to the first few drops of urine.


  • A clinically effective approach to stop bedwetting
  • New clip-on sensor attaches to ordinary underwear and magnetic attachment for securing alarm to nightshirt
  • Included with every alarm are instructions for use, charts and posters to track progress
  • Tone and volume control

Please note: This product is not returnable, and this is a closeout price.