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Don’t Let Incontinence Ruin Your Night Out

by kristiewe on March 25, 2015

Night on the Town

When you’re going out for a fancy evening, incontinence is the last thing you want to worry about. There are factors that could contribute to your night that might spark your condition. Caffeine, alcohol, and fizzy drinks will cause you to visit the bathroom more often. Stay hydrated with plenty of water to prevent bladder aggravation. The coughing that comes with smoking can put excess pressure on your bladder, so stay away from smoking and areas where people are smoking.

Protective Underwear Online

No one wants to have their outfit ruined by panty lines. At Diaper Fetch, we sell Tena Protective Underwear that molds to you for a smooth look. You will never have to worry about your lines showing. For convenience and discretion, we will deliver them right to your door.


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