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Social Workers | Referrals

DiaperFetch by KKMS welcomes your referrals! We will happily send introductory sample packs free of charge. Also, we can package up a kit of commonly requested products and brochures to take with you on home visits.

In addition, DiaperFetch by KKMS utilizes Pacific Interpreters so we can take calls and answer questions from clients with different backgrounds and languages if you have difficulty communicating with a particular client.

DiaperFetch by KKMS wants to make it as easy as possible for social workers, nurses, and discharge planners to refer clients to us. If you need to submit a new patient referral, click on the link below, and it will submit the info electronically to us in a secure manner. Si necesita enviar una referencia para un nuevo paciente, haga clic en el enlace.

KKMS 2022 Referral Sheet