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Medi-Cal Recipients

Medi-Cal Recipient Information

Medi-Cal will fund for incontinence supplies not to exceed $165 dollars per month provided that the patient meets the following qualifications:

  1. A doctor confirmed diagnosis of incontinence
  2. Client lives at home or in a community care facility
  3. Client is three years of age or older.
  4. Medi-Cal eligibility on the date of service

DiaperFetch by KKMS will assist a Medi-Cal patient in obtaining all paperwork and approvals from state agencies.  Please have the following information available before contacting us:

  • A copy of your Benefit Identification Card or (BIC) issued by Medi-cal
  • A copy of your insurance card
  • Fill out our KKMS Medi-Cal Referral Sheet
  • Read and sign the KKMS Service Agreement in the KKMS information packet.
  • Current Date of Issue from your Benefit Identification Card. Click here for more info.

Click on the links below to find out more information on our Medi-Cal Recipient’s Payment Methods, Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s), Return Policy, and Social Worker/Referral Information:

Medi-Cal Recipient Methods of Payment

Medi-Cal Recipient FAQ’s

Medi-Cal Return Policy

Social Worker/Referral Information

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