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Customer Feedback

Here is some feedback from our customers:

“The service is good. Thank you!”
Jessica James 

“Very good service. The driver always makes sure I’m here to receive my daughter’s supplies. Always on time.”
Anne Santos 

“KKMS is a good incontinence provider. Convenient, easy and fast. Good customer service.”
Rodney Ellis 

“I have appreciated the service that Kids Korner Medical Supplies has given us. My 18 year old daughter receives supplies, such as diaper and underpads. We have always been very well served.” Irene Dona 

“With all the Medi-Cal cutbacks, Sheila does her best to give us the finest of all the supplies we receive. She works with us so that we have the best quality available. We have been a satisfied customer for over 20 years. If we ever run out of our supplies and our order would not be ready at a certain time, we can call and pick up what we need early, and we really appreciate this.”
Mary Nicosia-Nicosia Family Home  

“We have been very happy with the service we receive from Kids Korner.  Their monthly deliveries are very timely and always contain the correct items.”
Tracy Falcocchia 

“I’m very satisfied with Kids Korner for their great work! Whenever I had questions, they were professional and courteous. The driver is always very nice and friendly. Thanks for your great service!”
Araceli Guadararrema

“El primer dia que llamo la persona que contesta el telefono-muy profecional, atenta, u me alludo mucho come obtener el producto a tiempo. Muchas Gracias!
Elia Heatiack