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Curity by Covidien

Pullups and Training Pants are used for potty training infants and juveniles. For older children who suffer from bedwetting, training pants mimic regular underwear to give them the needed absorbency in case of accidents while enhancing their self-esteem.

Curity® Ultra Fits® Baby Diaper

Curity® Ultra Fits® baby diapers, formerly Tender Touch, provide the protection and comfort generations have relied on from Curity brand products.

These high quality, latex-free, baby diapers provide all of the protection of the brand name diapers but are available in economical case quantities.

  • Cloth-like cover for comfortable fit.
  • Soft, breathable sides for added comfort.
  • Pop-up leg gathers for improved leak protection.
  • New! Refastenable Grip-tabs for easy inspection & adjustment.

Available sizes:
CURITY™ ULTRA FITS™ Size 4 – Large, 22-35 lbs., 24/Bag,
8 Printed Bags/Case Packaging, 192 /Case, Item#P80038
CURITY™ ULTRA FITS™ Size 5 – X-Large, over 30 lbs., 22/Bag,
8 Printed Bags/Case Packaging, 176 /Case, Item#P80048
CURITY™ ULTRA FITS™ Size 6 – XX-Large, over 35 lbs., 18/Bag,
8 Printed Bags/Case Packaging, 144 /Case, Item#P80058

Curity® Training Pants

Curity Training Pants are used for potty training juveniles and come in three sizes each for boys and girls.  They combine a highly absorbent core, with leg cuffs, stretchy sides and waistband and a soft backing for comfortable protection. They are recommended for potty-training juveniles and younger children suffering from development issues.  Gender specific, and available in Medium (under 34 lbs.), Large (32-40 lbs.) and XLarge (over 38 lbs). Curity Training Pants feature tear-away sides for easy removal, leg gathers and leak barriers providing improved leakage protection, and stretchy sides and waistbands providing better comfort and fit.

Sizes Available:
Training Pants Medium Girl (under 34 lbs.), Item#P70063G
Training Pants Medium Boy (under 34 lbs.), Item#P70063B
Training Pants Large Girl (32-40 lbs.), Item#P70064G
Training Pants Large Boy (32-40 lbs.), Item#P70064B
Training Pants X-Large Girl (38+lbs.), Item#P70065G
Training Pants X-Large Boy (38+lbs.), Item#P70065B

Curity® Youth Pants™

Curity® Youth Pants™ offer protection for young children and teenagers. Youth Pants provide a comfortable, discreet, and dignified solution for both the children and their parents.

These youth pants have a great waistband and a seam that is simply torn away for quick, easy removal. The cloth-like outer material is rustle-free under clothing. Standing leg-gathers provide extra leak protection.

Features include:

  • Curity Youth Pants leg gathers and leak barriers.
  • Colored stitching indicates back from front.
  • Super-dry core provide overnight protection with 15.0 oz. absorbent capacity!
  • Plain, white, cloth-like backsheet looks and feels like underwear, providing discrete, comfortable fit.

Sizes available (Unisex):
Medium 45 to 65 lbs. 68/case, Item#P70073
Large 65 to 85 lbs. 56/case, Item#P70074
X-Large 85 to 125 lbs. 52/case, Item#P70075