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How to measure for Adult Diapers?

by kristiewe on April 18, 2011

Not all incontinence care products are the same. Many Adult Diapers are specifically designed to allow your loved one to keep doing the activities they enjoy. To determine the accurate size, you will need a loose tape measure. Measure the wearer’s waist or hips (whichever is larger). You will generally find that women have larger hips while men have larger waists.

Standard Adult Diaper Waist/Hip Sizes

Small 22”-36”

Medium 34”-47”

Large 48”-59”

Extra Large 60”-64”

To accommodate the sizing needs of larger individuals, there are adult diapers called Bariatric Diapers.

Standard Bariatric Diaper Waist/Hip Sizes

Bariatric XL 60”-64”

Bariatric 3XL 64”-95”

If you take the necessary steps to obtain the correct fit in an incontinence product,  it will result in fewer leaks.

If you are having problems determining the correct size, DiaperFetch customer service representatives are always happy to help and send out samples if needed to determine size. Please contact the office at 1.800.971.1034.

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