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Care for the Caregiver. That’s you!

by kristiewe on April 27, 2011

Care for the Caregiver. That’s you.

By Sheila Weyhe

Taking care of someone else can be challenging. Taking care of yourself in the process is often harder.

Caring for your loved one is an important task and likely often takes center stage in your life. When my Mom had a heart attack and a stroke, I was devastated and depressed. I had the emotional support from my husband and daughter, but I still felt very guilty and did not seem to be able to do enough for her.

I found it very useful to exercise and eat in the most healthful way possible. Taking time out for shopping or a dinner out made me feel more at peace and better able to be cheerful and supportive when going to visit her in the convalescent hospital. Walking my dog was a daily activity and whether I wanted to do it or not, it was part of my daily life.

Having a medical supply company and seeing how the supplies used in the hospital or convalescent setting promoted good skin care and kept her comfortable, made me feel good about the quality of incontinence supplies that are on the market.

Caring for your loved one is a big responsibility and overwhelming. I was lucky enough to have a daughter who shared the companionship with my Mom.

Caregivers, to be and remain effective must make sure they take care of themselves.

All you can do is do your best.

Sheila Weyhe is the owner of DiaperFetch by KKMS which specializes in home delivery of Diapers and Incontinence related products for children, adults, and the elderly in San Jose, CA. Previously, she managed a facility for handicapped children in Cupertino. She can be reached via her website at or via phone at 1.800.971.1034.

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